What is an online English course?

First of all, let’s find out with TONO what the characteristics of the online English course are to have an overview of the system. Online English courses are essentially the same as offline, but the alternative learning location will be online. Suppose offline English classes allow students to meet teachers directly. In that case, online English lessons take place entirely online, and you can only access learning resources via laptop/iPad and other technology resources. Therefore, parents will only make a little effort to transport their children to the school location.

TONO Online English Course

Clear learning objectives

All students are given a clear roadmap to achieve results: using English in work and life and accumulating certificates for future learning.

Quality online learning like offline:

With a limited number of students, students can easily exchange and answer questions during the learning process.

Active and prosperous learning system:

The learning platform applying science and technology helps students learn more actively with many tools: assigning exercises, exam practice, vocabulary practice, and playing English games…

Outcome commitment:

Students commit to output when learning English at TONO. Primarily written commitment based on students’ real results.

24/7 academic support

Students will be supported by academic advisors during and after school 24/7. Any student who raises questions is kindly answered by their academic advisor.

Document and assignment bank:

Students get free access to TONO’s study and document bank to help quickly increase scores.

Develop 4 skills:

The curriculum helps to evenly develop 4 skills of Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing

Quality management and evaluation:

Regular tests assess students’ quality and report student progress to parents.

What are the advantages of online English courses?

Save time
Flexible study time
Cost savings
Opportunity to access many resources
Easy communication with teachers
qualified teacher

Should I study English courses online or offline?

So, should you join an online English course? This answer will entirely depend on each student’s conditions and circumstances. If students and parents have tight schedules, want to save money, or are afraid to move, parents can register for an online course for their children. And suppose parents want their children to have a dynamic, vibrant learning environment, accessible to many people and easy to exchange and share. In that case, the offline course will be the optimal choice for their children. 

Parents and students should consider the pros and cons and compare them with their families and students to make the right choice!