When participating in TONO English Center’s course, children will have access to the STEM education model, targeted at children passionate about the model or Lego toys. This integrated learning method involves Extremely effective subjects being advanced as applied in the US, including:

  • Science (Science)
  • Technology ( Technology )
  • Engineering ( Engineering )
  • Maths (Mathematics)
  • Arts ( Art )


The main difference between STEM and STEAM is that STEM education represents a new approach to the natural sciences and related topics that focuses on solving problems with thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Situation. STEAM education explores similar subjects that integrate logical thinking and skills to apply to life in various real-world situations.


  • Able to promote children’s creative potential, especially with pre-kindergarten and preschool children.
  • Facilitate children to develop more critical soft skills in science, technology, engineering, music, and math, helping them have more job opportunities.
  • Increase interest in learning and support children to be more active when choosing a career.
  • Create a favorable environment for boys and girls to develop together and promote gender equality.
  • Help children access modern scientific knowledge without listening to too many dry theories like before.
  • Minimize teachers’ interference in acquiring knowledge so children can play and learn more effectively.


Parent's comments

After researching English centers, I also took my children to test and study at TONO to see if the environment was suitable. Until now, my son is also looking at TONO for the fifth year. It must be noted that the staff and teachers at TONO are primarily young people who are very active and enthusiastic. His English speaking skills have greatly improved due to frequent contact with foreign teachers. At the same time, his English learning results at school have also significantly improved, and he is very interested in the subject.

Ms. Ngan – mother of Thanh Phong (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi)

My son Duc Nguyen has been studying online at TONO for three years. Admittedly, TONO has put a lot of emphasis on online classes. Every week, the children learn with foreign teachers. The teachers are all foreigners. Since studying at TONO, Nguyen has improved a lot in listening and speaking skills, and he is also more confident than before. I am very grateful for that.

Ms. Giang – Duc Nguyen’s mother (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi)

My son has been studying at TONO for over three years. I know TONO through a friend of Quan Anh, and it is very worthy to send my son to study here. The center has organized many competitions during the learning process to stimulate the children’s creativity. Especially in the contest “Writing a Letter to Santa Claus,” Quan Anh won the second prize. He is incredibly confident and loves English, which makes me feel pleased and proud.

Ms. Van – mother of Quan Anh (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi)

My child attended numerous other study centers before coming to TONO, but I found that there was a marked improvement in the way she retained grammar and effectively recalled new words. My command of the English language seemed to have improved recently. The child’s cheerful study habits and firm comprehension of the material, along with the increased confidence the child exhibits when completing in-class assessments, have made the family extremely happy. The center has the family’s sincere gratitude. Both of my children are currently enrolled at TONO, and my family has also has also introduced many friends to TONO.

Mrs. Ly, Chau Anh’s mother (Tay Ho district, Hanoi)

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