English for Children 4 Years Old

4 – 6 years old is the golden age for children to begin to develop thinking and familiarize themselves with a new language. So how do we teach children from 4 years old best and most effectively? Let’s refer to the sharing below with TONO to find the solution!

1. Three reasons parents should let their children learn English from the age of 4

Children being exposed to English at an early age brings many benefits. So, what are those benefits?

1.1 Shape your listening and speaking ability right from the beginning

Children between the ages of 4 and 6 have the fantastic ability to imitate other people’s pronunciation. Babies are often attracted to the sounds they hear. Therefore, teaching English from age 4 will help your child quickly speak and understand that foreign language as soon as possible.

1.2 Ability to develop brain and thinking better

Lauren Lowry, a certified oral language learning researcher, has shown that the benefits of learning two languages in parallel will help develop children’s brains, increase the nervous system’s flexibility, and help children be more brilliant. In addition, children also develop the ability to filter information absorb and process new knowledge more quickly and easily.

1.3 Explore the World, improve communication skills

Learning English from age 4 also helps children become more confident and bold because this is the golden period of learning and getting used to a new language. Children at this age are very eager to explore and curious about the World around them, so an effective way to teach English to children from 4 years old is to learn while playing and participating in activities with friends.

This allows children to connect with their peers while exploring the World, helping them naturally absorb new languages. Thereby, children will improve their communication skills and no longer feel shy in front of others.

2. Some tips for teaching English to children from 4 years old that parents should keep in mind

2.1 Choose the right level for your child

Children have a passion for discovery from an early age and need adult guidance to choose the suitable English class for their age and ability. This makes it easier for children to receive knowledge and learn how to take advantage of it.

Note: Parents should not force things their children do not like; making them feel that contact with English is forced and restrictive will be counterproductive.

2.2 Approach English with your child through games

The first years of a baby’s life are the most important period that lays the foundation for later development. Learning while playing helps children gradually form more serious learning habits. At the same time, teaching English to 4-year-old children by this method will arouse the child’s inspiration for learning.

2.3 Choose a speaking method more than listening or writing

Babies at this stage are susceptible to images and sounds. Therefore, speaking will stimulate your child’s interest more than writing. Parents can turn on English TV, children’s programs, music, animation, etc… for children to listen to, which will help children practice listening and pronunciation effectively.

3. Choose to study at a reputable English center instead of teaching your children at home

3.1 Children are provided with systematic training programs

Sending your child to study at a reputable English center will allow them to explore a systematic English learning program. All high-quality English centers build professional learning pathways and teaching methods recognized by famous foreign language organizations worldwide.

In particular, many large centers also let children study individually to build the most effective and optimal learning plan. Similarly, the English learning program for 4-year-old children is also divided into levels suitable for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school children.

3.2 Children learning English at the center will be led by a team of experienced instructors

The team of teachers at reputable English centers often have high professional qualifications and rich experience in teaching and imparting knowledge to children. In addition, learning English at the center will give children a solid foundation of knowledge. Teachers will closely monitor, guide, correct errors, and help children improve their English proficiency.

3.3 Have a lot of fun at school with teachers and friends

Sending your child to study at an English center is more beneficial than looking at home. Children will have a dynamic learning environment with many fun activities with teachers and friends.

The youngest children are receptive to noise and are accustomed to imitating the actions of those around them. Therefore, allowing children to experience English lessons at the center helps them learn more effectively and have fun observing their peers learning English.

3.4 Learn English professionally with modern facilities and equipment

With the rapid development of today’s socio-economy, all activities in daily life are modernized, including learning. Previously, people were accustomed to the traditional way of learning with books, notebooks, paper, and pens, and teachers played the main role in the learning process.

Now, most English centers have modern facilities and equipment, serving the maximum learning needs in many forms. In addition, learning at the center has more advantages as teachers and teaching assistants control the content from multimedia devices and media. Parents do not need to worry if their children accidentally choose content that contains inappropriate advertising while learning at home.

4. Develop English effectively for 4-year-old children with the Pre-Starters course at TONO English

English course for children from 4 years old and up – Pre-Starters at TONO applies fun and practical English teaching methods, helping children immerse themselves in the natural English environment, love learning, and become more confident in communication.

TONO English’s English learning program for children aged 4 and up:

Learn phonetics

Learn vocabulary

Learn the alphabet

Learn common sentence patterns and structures

In addition, when participating in the English course for children from 4 years old and up at TONO, children will be accompanied by:

A team of teachers knowledgeable about age psychology and love children will help children contact and develop language most naturally.

Various visual tools (flashcards, posters, stickers, puppets, toys, etc.) and lively games and songs repeated with gestures help children focus and remember better.

Children can learn to interact with the outside world and practice good habits by playing with friends and observing the teacher.

In the Pre-starters English program for children 4 years and older, children also gain confidence when interacting with teachers and other students.

TONO English is proud to be an English training unit that meets international standards. TONO is always committed to providing the most influential English learning program for children 4 years and older and the most comprehensive language development roadmap. Let TONO accompany your child to build a foundation from the first steps and be a stepping stone for the journey to conquer the Cambridge ladder!


Parent's comments

After researching English centers, I also took my children to test and study at TONO to see if the environment was suitable. Until now, my son is also looking at TONO for the fifth year. It must be noted that the staff and teachers at TONO are primarily young people who are very active and enthusiastic. His English speaking skills have greatly improved due to frequent contact with foreign teachers. At the same time, his English learning results at school have also significantly improved, and he is very interested in the subject.

Ms. Ngan – mother of Thanh Phong (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi)

My son Duc Nguyen has been studying online at TONO for three years. Admittedly, TONO has put a lot of emphasis on online classes. Every week, the children learn with foreign teachers. The teachers are all foreigners. Since studying at TONO, Nguyen has improved a lot in listening and speaking skills, and he is also more confident than before. I am very grateful for that.

Ms. Giang – Duc Nguyen’s mother (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi)

My son has been studying at TONO for over three years. I know TONO through a friend of Quan Anh, and it is very worthy to send my son to study here. The center has organized many competitions during the learning process to stimulate the children’s creativity. Especially in the contest “Writing a Letter to Santa Claus,” Quan Anh won the second prize. He is incredibly confident and loves English, which makes me feel pleased and proud.

Ms. Van – mother of Quan Anh (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi)

My child attended numerous other study centers before coming to TONO, but I found that there was a marked improvement in the way she retained grammar and effectively recalled new words. My command of the English language seemed to have improved recently. The child’s cheerful study habits and firm comprehension of the material, along with the increased confidence the child exhibits when completing in-class assessments, have made the family extremely happy. The center has the family’s sincere gratitude. Both of my children are currently enrolled at TONO, and my family has also has also introduced many friends to TONO.

Mrs. Ly, Chau Anh’s mother (Tay Ho district, Hanoi)

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