The variety of tenses in Basic English

Tense in English is a term used to define when an event, phenomenon, or action has occurred,… certain.

The tense associated with the subject and verb (the verb to be in person when combining nouns, adjectives, or regular verbs) refers to a state of the verb in a sentence that occurs during some period of time or has occurred, is expected to occur, always occurs, …

Tenses in English are divided by past, present, and future time.

To conquer advanced levels of English, it is essential to master how to use tenses in English.

Single present tense

Present Simple tense is the tense that describes the general, general action that repeats over and over again an obvious fact or an activity that takes place in the present time.

1. Recipe

Common verbs:

Verbs to be:

2.  Usage

The present tense is used:
Express a truth, self-evident truth (e.g., The Earth orbits around the Sun).
Describe a routine, hobby, or daily repetition (e.g., He goes to school by bike).
Demonstrate someone’s abilities (e.g., She studies very well).

3. Identifying signs

The current single sentence has frequency adverbs such as: Always, usual, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely, hard, never,… Or from every (every day, every week, every month,…)

4. Exercises