Learn Speaking with TONO English
People attend speaking classes, and families learn Speaking, but only some know how to learn effectively?
Ways to learn Speaking:
1. Courage to speak
There is nothing more important than learning to SPEAK, that is to Speak. At Tono, teachers always enhance your interaction by creating an environment and opportunities for you always to have the opportunity to speak in an English environment. Speaking and using English regularly will help you be more flexible in vocabulary, increase your communication ability, and effectively remember vocabulary.
2. Theme Group
Instead of learning and remembering small words, organize them into a more significant topic. For example, group nouns for vehicles (like car, motorcycle, etc.) and actions (ride, walk, call a taxi, catch a bus, etc.) into the subject TRANSPORTATION. Gradually, it will be easier to organize the memory, dividing them into small compartments so we can open them anytime.
3. Learn in the form of questions

– We have forms like:
Do you like xxx?
Do you prefer x or y?
How often do you do xxx?
Do you often do xxx?
What do you do when…?
What do you do to…?

– For example:
What changes do you think x needs?
I will use this template:
Actually, xxx is pretty close to perfect, but it would be better if there were some improvements.
First, I would like to…
Second, it would be great if …(past tense)
Finally, I wish xxx would…

+ This template reminds us to use type 2 because what we want xxx to change is impossible. Moreover, in the first sentence, I changed the word “changes” in the question to “improvements.”

Good luck with your studies, and get great results!