Cambridge online fighter.

The CAMBRIDGE ONLINE FIGHTER competition is back.

It aims to create a healthy playground for all students inside and outside TONO English Center. Cambridge Online Fighter will help students consolidate their knowledge and improve their English vocabulary.

In recent years, Cambridge has been a compulsory international English certificate for grade 1 and level 2 students who want to transfer to the intensive English program as prescribed by most Departments of Education and Training in provinces and cities in Vietnam.

The current trend of integration and globalization indirectly promotes foreign language education for children, especially English.

There will be a suitable type of certificate to assess proficiency at each age. Cambridge is one of the top qualifications for children, especially those between 6-15 years old.

TONO wants to give children who want to learn about Cambridge exams the first experience of a standardized test. At the same time, Cambridge Online Fighter provides additional training for students studying the curriculum at TONO.

TONO organizes the contest in the form of Online to bring the game to all children without being hindered by distance. Cambridge Online Fighter is a playground for all children wanting to try their best.

To encourage the contestants to participate, TONO also has attractive prizes and gifts for the winners. Register now and accompany TONO to win.

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