TONO’s English center franchise system is designed to meet the needs of organizations and individuals wishing to invest in opening an English center in the education field with excellent development potential.

TONO's franchise package includes the following:


Initial setup center support:

Consulting on layout and arrangement of reception room, playroom, and classroom.
Provide full image design files and requirements for brand identity, signs, and decorative paintings.
Provide all checklists of CSVC to be set up and stationery to prepare for the new center.

Sales and Marketing Training:

Support training on Digital Marketing and communication to enhance brand awareness (Facebook, website, Youtube …).
Support training consulting skills, converting potential customers into enrollment, and customer care.

Support for the opening of the center:

Send and guide the implementation of the center’s opening plan:
Master Plan
Personnel assignment
Checklist preparation
MC script
Send staff to attend the center’s opening ceremony (approval, as proposed by the center, may be charged).

Support teacher training and teacher recruitment (if required):

Professional quality assurance curriculum training.
Transfer of teachers who have completed the training course (time-based fee).

Curriculum Support:

The 4-level curriculum includes lecture slides, program delivery, lectures, and homework:
Level 1: Starter 4-6 years old.
Level 2: Mover 1: 6-8 years old.
Level 3: Mover 2: 8-10 years old.
Level 4: Fyler is 11-15 years old.

Support administrative procedures, and apply for licenses:

Guidance/advice on how to apply for a business registration license.
Instructions for applying for an SGD license.
Provide administrative forms.
Assistance in applying for an SGD license (if required).

Administration support and operating procedures:

These include processes:
Customer welcome process.
Consulting process.
Admission process.
Human resource process.
Communication process.
Revenue and expenditure process.
Management process.
Teacher training and quality control process.
Student quality control process.
Internal rules, culture, central charter.

Brand image support:

Brand logos, billboards, decorative images.
The National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam recognizes brand names and identity colors.

Management software support:

Customer data management.
Manage classes and schedules.
Manage debt collection and tuition fees.
Internal revenue and expenditure management.


Professional business model transfer:

TONO English Center’s business model has been developed for more than 5 years with many achievements and won the trust and support of customers.

Low investment cost:

When you become the owner, holding TONO’s business model, you spend only a little bit of time and effort to build a brand and trust from customers.

You only spend an initial cost to buy the transfer rights; the rest, marketing activities, system setup, and furniture … are supported and consulted by TONO.

Marketing sales support from A-Z:

TONO is ready to support sales marketing for agents from branding, consulting, and team training to optimize the effectiveness of outreach and communication.

Professional Teacher Training:

When you become a TONO agent, you can handle recruiting and training teachers and building programs. All teaching pathways and teachers’ knowledge are well-trained and professional by TONO for your center.

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