On July 25, 2023, TONO English cooperated with the E-bot Center to bring the children at TONO Ecopark Campus an interesting programming experience with ROBOT. With the participation of more than 30 children at TONO Ecopark, the experience brought new and valuable things to the children about the STEM program. This is a typical experience and a technology playground for the little ones in the summer.

Multi-functional Robotics bring many experiences, both entertainment and practical applications. With the development of digital technology, teaching young children basic knowledge about science and playing mind games helps them develop their abilities:
Help children access technology early.
Increase problem-solving thinking.
Train their thinking ability when programming.
Improve teamwork skills.

Parents and children, let’s look at TONO’s outstanding images during the experience.

Image 1: When participating in the experience, the children began to get acquainted with the ROBOTICS with exciting games.
Image 2: Next, children can take part in a programming class
Image 3: Otherwise, children are tested for their English level.

TONO hopes that in the future, TONO will be an English school for young people and a place to exchange and discover new things.

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