TONO English system organizes “Free review” for the English semester exam

TONO English understands your child’s anxiety about English. To solve that concern of parents, TONO organized a free review for their children.

Image 1: Children study with foreign teachers

1. Participants:
Students from grade 3 to grade 9 in Hoang Mai district.
Apply to all students (even non-TONO students)

2. Participation time:
Parents register before 11/10/2019

3. How to join the program
Parents register before November 9, 2019, via:
TONO English main fanpage:
Or register via TONO’s main website:
4. Benefits of the lesson:
  • Review and consolidate knowledge learned in class methodically and systematically.
  • Practice the exercises and exam questions designed close to the content learned at school.
  • Guide and answer all questions enthusiastically by a team of teachers
  • Schedule time to attend the center flexibly according to the student’s schedule at the school.
  • Maximize your English semester exam score.

5. Conditions apply:

  1. Like and share this post
  2. Tag 1 more friend to invite you to go to school together

Wishing you all the best in your upcoming exams

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