TONO English and ELSA Vietnam cooperate in diversifying types and curricula and supporting students to access the world’s leading AI-integrated English learning application.

On February 8, 2023, the Founder of TONO English System, Ms. Vu Thi Nhung, and the Country Director of ELSA Vietnam, Mr. Michael Ngo, officially signed the cooperation agreement. Accordingly, TONO EDU English Center will apply ELSA Speak’s resources to diversify its curricula, helping students improve their foreign language skills with an integrated English learning application – AI technology integration.
Representatives of TONO EDU and ELSA officially signed a cooperation agreement at TONO EDU’s office.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the representative of TONO EDU English System, Ms. Vu Thi Nhung, shared: “On behalf of TONO EDU, I would like to thank Mr. Michael Ngo and ELSA Vietnam. Today’s signing event marks a partnership to create a breakthrough in TONO EDU’s business in 2023. With the application of ELSA’s advanced AI technology to teaching, I believe TONO EDU will train many young Vietnamese generations with the ability to pronounce, communicate, and confidently use English as a second language. From there, contribute to building a brighter future for young people in the new technology era.”
During the signing ceremony, ELSA Vietnam emphasized the benefits and power of the application in improving English pronunciation and speaking ability – one of the weaknesses of most Vietnamese in general. Therefore, ELSA Speak wishes to work with TONO EDU to allow students to change, improve, and maximize their foreign language ability through this cooperation.

TONO EDU and ELSA representatives signed a cooperation agreement to diversify types and English teaching programs.

TONO EDU and ELSA cooperate to improve the quality of education and training with AI technology

The cooperation event between the TONO English System and ELSA Speak is expected to bring practical benefits to TONO students in the era of globalization and international integration. Since then, we have continued the journey to gradually improve the quality of training to meet the increasing needs of children in language development.

Parents and students can join the SPEAKING practice group with TONO by following the link below: https://zalo.me/g/lkzkzq320


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