The contest “Bringing on Dreams” is organized by TONO English to create an opportunity for young people to express their confidence in English and their dreams.

TONO English wishes that this contest will be the driving force to nurture the dream of conquering themselves and the children’s English.


TONO would like to send parents and children the contest rules as follows:

Topic: Students speak English about the topic of the Place or work that they want to live and work in the future. Contestants record a video and send it to the organizers.

1. Participants: All TONO students and not yet studying at TONO

2. How to join the program
+ Parents record a video speaking English for up to 2 minutes with content about your dream job in the future and send it to the organizers
+ The organizers will post your entries on TONO’s official page: https://www.facebook.com/anhngutono
+ Requires a clear, shake-free video, up to 2 minutes in length
+ The contest video is sent to Zalo of the children’s learning groups at the TONO center, with the following information: Child’s name/ Age of child/ Class are studying/ Email or parent’s contact phone number.

3. Contest rules: 1 like = 1 point. 1 heart = 2 points. 1 share = 3 points.
Language used: 100% English
Videos that show creativity in images, good expressions, and well-pronounced voices will be awarded points from the organizers

4. Prize structure
First prize: Scholarship worth 2 million VND and gift worth 500,000 VND
Second prize: Scholarship worth 1 million VND and gift worth 300,000 VND
Third Prize: Scholarship worth 500,000 VND and gift worth 200,000 VND

5. Time to take Place
Time to receive videos: 1/8 – 5/8/2023
Voting time: when the video is posted until 10 am on 8/8
When receiving entries, TONO will continuously update the fan page.
Time to announce results: 10/8

Notes: The video submitted will be posted on TONO’s main page: https://www.facebook.com/anhngutono

Wish the children will achieve great prizes from the TONO English.

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