Cambridge English Fighting Contest

Listening and understanding the aspirations and concerns of parents when letting their children learn English, Tono English decided to organize the contest “CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH FIGHTER
1. Objectives:

– Help children understand the level compared to their peers.
– Help parents understand their children’s English ability on the Cambridge scale.
– Help parents find their children an utterly free ability competition without losing travel time.

2. Age of participation:

– From 7-15 years old.
– Apply to students in Hanoi and Hung Yen.

3. How to join:

– Register to participate with the Organizing Committee (TONO English)
– Go to the online room before the exam time to listen to the rules and test methods.
– Register a platform account of the Organizing Committee.
– Log in to the website with the account which you just registered.
– The organizers provide the link.
– Conduct the exam.
– Submit and screen capture exam results.
– Submit photos to the Organizing Committee and wait for the results to be announced.

4. Prizes:

– 9 electronic drawing boards worth up to 5 million VND.
– 9 places to register for Cambridge exam certificates.
– 27 VOUCHERS learn English with TONO English from 1 to 3 million VND per contestants.

5. Time to take place:
Registration deadline: 11/31/2022
Exam period: December 1, 2022 – December 15, 2022.
Hope you will get great prizes and good results!

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